What you can expect when you get your order

So you've placed your order and now the waiting begins. Well be assured that we will get our order processed and shipped within 24 hours or on Monday morning. 

But, what will you get?

Here is some images to give you an idea of what different weights of wood will look like. 

Barrel wood for smoking meat

1 Pound Detail

2 Pounds Detail

3 Pounds Detail

4 Pounds Detail

5 Pounds Detail

You'll notice that there is both staves and barrel heads in the mix. Barrel heads are flat and may have a dowel hole or tongue and groove milling. Don't worry, the barrel heads are just as fragrant as the the staves. 

Here is a detail of barrel head wood.

Whiskey barrel

Here is a detail of stave wood

Both Barrel head and stave side by side

You'll notice that this barrel head is not charred. This is because this barrel head piece (Right) is from Bent de Garde which is a wine barrel, while the stave on the left is from Hammer of the gods which is a bourbon barrel


We hope this helps you visualize the size of the bundle of wood you have just ordered. 


If you have any questions feel free to send us a message here